Hyper-Calvinist Universal Salvation

“Every knee shall bow.” Romans 14:11

My book, Hyper-Calvinist Universal Salvation, is now available.

One of the main systematic arguments contained in my book: 

Scripture describes how universal salvation brings more to love Jesus:

Radio broadcast about Hyper-Calvinist Universal Salvation:

Here are some Scripture studies about Hyper-Calvinist Universal Salvation: 

Here are the oldest, earliest accounts of what later was developed into my MA thesis, which was called Evangelical Calvinist Universal Salvation (read it at Acaedemia.com), and where that MA thesis developed into the book, Hyper-Calvinist Universal Salvation:  

Broadcast #1: Romans 3 Universalism & Calvinist Universalism Overview: 

Broadcast #2: Context and Definition of the Word “Forever” (or “Everlasting,” etc.) in Biblically Discussing Hell: 

Broadcast #3: Limited Atonement Logic: Calvinist Solves the (Apparent) Limited Atonement Paradox: 












Also, the web addresses, UniversalSalvation.net, and CalvinistUniversalism.net will also get you to this page, for quick access.

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