Evidence that Original Sin is Scriptural Truth

If It’s False, There were OTHER Sinless Humans Besides Jesus

Jeff Grupp, June 19, 2018, www.PraiseandLove.net

PDF Available: Proof That the Doctrine of Original Sin Is Scriptural Truth

There are many, nowadays, who reject the doctrine of original sin. In this article, I will discuss evidence I have not previously seen arguing for the truth of the doctrine of original sin. I believe this evidence presented below is absolutely proof that original sin is a doctrine that must be included in any Christian theology.

According to many, the doctrine of original sin is not specifically found in Scripture, and the term “original sin” or something directly or closely equivalent to it, is not in Scripture. In my opinion, much of Scripture points to the doctrine, but I will not discuss any of that in this article, all of which has been previously discussed by others.

There are a few ways original sin can be defined. For the purposes of this writing, let’s keep this very broad and just consider that the human embryo is not a sinless human, but rather is a fallen and sinful being, by the sinfulness of not yet being adopted into the family of God.

This is, of course, not willful sin, but a different sort of sin, maybe akin to something like the type of sin before the Mosaic law, such as what Paul discusses in Romans 5:12-14. But I do not want to get tied up in describing specific types of sin, and which type the embryo would have, and rather, I merely want to make a broad claim and conclude that the embryo is not sinless, and, ipso facto, has original sin.

My only intent here is to point-out an issue in Scripture that shows that original sin must exist, or a quite serious theological quandary and heresy emerges in Christian theological analysis.

Getting right to the point, here is the argument, which is quite simple:

Argument: If original sin is not a fact about all human beings in the post-fallen world, then there will be sinless humans other than Jesus Christ that exist now and in the past.

That is, of course, blatant heresy, as there has only been one sinless human: Jesus Christ.

Of course, in the argument just given, I am primarily thinking of children who have died before committing their first willful sin (or their first sin of any sort, regardless of any label applied to it, or category one may want to place it in). There would be millions and millions of sinless humans, such as all the aborted fetuses over the past few decades, or the millions who have died during birth, or a few days after birth, for example, who would be sinless humans, if they did not have original sin.

Therefore, the doctrine of original sin must be a fact, and when David says in Psalm 51:5, depending on the translation, that he was sinful at birth and/or that his mother conceived him in sin, this must include and involve the idea that he was a creature of original sin.

Humans are born sinful; our original nature is of sin.

-Jeff Grupp, June 19, 2018, www.PraiseandLove.net

Here is a video I made about this article:

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